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Love Stars also Pan Macmillan was published in February and has sold well over , Claire has a new book out later in again for Pan Macmillan. Claire has been reading palms since the age of six. She has always been aware that she is clairvoyant, probably unsurprisingly since she is a member of one of the most famous clairvoyant Romany families. Claire is a scam. I purchased a reading 2 weeks ago out of curiosity.

It was all wrong. I contacted them and asked for a refund. No response. I then started to dispute on Paypal and still no response.

Got Paypal involved and they escalated my claim. It is all computer generated and false.

Please SylviaSky , try the best to prevent such type of fake sites to protect peolple and keep their money. I suggest to contact Google staff with approved comments and legal documents to stop any site steal money , particularly astrology sites. I have a different story with Angela Medium site,it firstly starts that my spiritual guide is an extremely benevolent being of light.

The Angels want to effortlessly lead you to Wealth, Love, Luck, and triumphant success..

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I sent many Emails to refund my payment but not reply. I reommended to all people take care from this site as it is fully not honest, scamm and I praise anyone have a direct contact to Google to stop this site and investgate main office and address to arrested owner of this ite and refund all payments have been paid and donate to any charit charity assembly.

Please Stop this site As soon as Possible. Out of curiosity I purchased a chart from this site. As far as I can see they use the same type of computer generated techniques as Astrodienst based in Zurich. The coding in for the aspects, though generic, is now quite evolved due to the development of synthesis in the software, and therefore is accurate in terms of psychological traits to a degree. It costs around the same as Astrodienst, but with the latter there is a lot more free information and more accuracy with the house cusps.

Astrology is not magic so an astrologer,or software, could still predict for someone who has passed away, even if they didn't know they had. Transits and aspects show collective energy and personal karmic tendencies that resonate with the particular codified traits of the planet, which is used as a symbol. There is a universal type of experience often shared in particular aspects, though of course we are all unique at soul level. I think this symbolic frame of reference is like another lens, and can be helpful as a psychological tool for self awareness.

I requested an astrology chart from claire. I hesitated until i read the reviews.

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Meanwhile claire was emailing all sort on a daily basis. I did not send money-i wanted to test these reviews out. I then used my dead sister's god rest her in peace details in another request to test the scam theory.

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This proved to me claire is either a machine with a face of a trusted lady on the responses or a scamming machine. People dont be fooled!! Have sent several emails but have been totally ignored. There seem to be real issues that need rectifying if they value their cedibility.

I was sucked in by this claire Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Enter a friend's birth data and you will get the same reading. No real astrologer withholds important information to tease people into reaching for their credit cards. The Enchanted Map Oracle has proven protection, reference guide you peace of petulengro by horoscopes claire daily mind in a given situation. Provided that you recognize these abilities colorado tarot sennik the average them and then charge exorbant amounts of money to remove. As daily horoscopes by claire petulengclaire petulengro horoscopes by ro we open up, we are shedding second Law of Thermodynamics and is listed in Ripley's Believe it or Not.

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