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So you see what the original writer wrote in the 6th century, his work easily available but the true meaning of the verse took around years to come by and then the process will start of aggressively testing it and then after some years it will either be accepted as a dictum or rejected, which means even we can be wrong. This is the case of where the manuscript was available. What about the techniques where the manuscript is not available at all. H ere comes the part where a lot of knowledge is available in manuscripts but no one takes the effort to bring it out.

The way they go about discouraging you cannot even be mentioned in this space. The astrologers in India are one of the poorest; few lots lack funds but most lack the inspiration on their own and the willingness to give out those manuscripts. With millions of. As such publishing in India is not a profitable business. People can say that inspite of their being more than 10, astro organisations in every lane of India which is true and no exaggeration and s of trusts being formed by astrologers in the name of astrology by famous astrologers not a single one of them can be credited to bring out 5 quality manuscripts with commentaries out for the general astro audience.

If we say this, then all will become our enemies but someone has to start with the dirty job, how does one inspire organisations especially international organisations to bring out translations of manuscripts?

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The problem is worse in International Vedic Organisations who have not been able to contribute in translation of manuscripts inspite of having better Sanskrit scholars abroad who are more dedicated, honest and meticulous in their job. We can only request that this piece of Publitorial inspires them to come forward in this, do joint ventures with Indian counter parts.

Their complaint of not getting manuscripts can be no longer a complain since Saptarishis Astrology volunteers and friends have already uploaded numerous manuscripts and let us tell you this is just a start. The other problem faced by many is the amount of red tapeism and bureaucratic hurdles one faces while getting manuscript from libraries across India.

Traditions that have manuscripts are a joke in the name of astrology as they have not understood the meaning of Knowledge Gyaan since if they had they would have freely given away those manuscripts and not hoarded it themselves. He has over 50 years distributed and donated rarest of rare manuscripts, no one like him. He is the 16 Karana of Astrology. This is what mentor has always taught us. Our own concept of knowledge was perverted and limiting since we grew up in India where every senior astrologer and teacher teaches you that you must not give away astro information easily.

They put a lot of myth and superstition to it and quote the verses of Sages. In this perversion took extreme form when we would write in forums or speak to our best friends in coded language and never give out a full technique. Even our hand written notes in text books were coded in such a manner that anyone who borrows our books borrowing books happens a lot in India will not be able to understand it.

Later we found out that this happens to most astrologers. But it was only when we re-read the Last Book of Astrology, where the old Sage compares two forms of knowledge. He says what great miracle can astro information do, it can make some astrologer predict better or solve a humans difficulties by apt guidance. He says today a by-pass operation of the heart can be done since someone somewhere in the world understood the meaning and power of true knowledge and shared it to everyone in the medical fraternity and thus world-over this operation can be done, yes at a price, so what, atleast price Fate can get you that knowledge by which your life can be saved, can your astro knowledge truly save a life, so why do you all hide knowledge in the name of God and secrecy.

Have you who recite mantras for hours for decades understood the meaning of knowledge whereas a kid in medical science understands it so easily. The Sage is then asked,. The only cause of controversy among scholars is did he do it for name or was it out of real help to the down trodden. Our Sage of the Last Book of Astrology replies.

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If a doctor writes and shares his discovery and medical practices for use by other doctors, then when the other doctors use it to help people, some part of that good karma will always come to the originator who shared that method or became a platform for that method to be shared. So if you as an astrologer decided to share your knowledge without ego, without the need for fame then pure part of this energy will go to other astrologers who in turn will use it to help people and that good karma will in turn come back to you one day. If you decide to share it for fame or only for money then the quantity and quality of karma coming back to you will be reduced but not wiped out.

So when good quality astro information comes out and is available to all then misuse of power does not happen since there is no exclusivity left. Plus most important is the karma of astrologers is not spoilt by giving wrong predictions and guidance as they would have superior techniques. People have over thousands of years said something wrong about astrologers that they should not see the future and since they see the future their family lives is destroyed and poverty sets in on the astrologer and his family. This is wrong though not totally untrue, yet here I would say it is the bad karma of giving wrong advice and wrong predictions without studying into the science for years that too with true honesty that makes their karma bad and their families suffer and poverty reins in.

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No doubt your lot is laughed behind your back when your own wife is cheating on you and you did not see it, when your own downfall you failed to predict or prevent through your remedial measures of mantras etc. Look in the past 10 years how the energy has changed in 17 the world, how knowledge is available across boundaries. Raise the level of Astrologers Consciousness and in few decades the Energy Consciousness will change and the resistance would be reduced, knowledge will come out more.

Those who have hidden manuscripts and knowledge, those who gave knowledge in. When the Energy will shift, when the magnetic field of earth is corrected once again, when the shift is complete then these gurus will fall and 6 year old kids will come and flog them openly. These kids will blame you as to how come you allowed these gurus to be created in the first place, how did you follow them, how did you become part of their organisations, did you not have a decent bone in your body or were you only after some position in their organization and to create money thereby.

Meditate on this for days and then you will be able to sift through a good teacher and an illusion giver teacher, between a good technique and an illusionary one. I t was only after thinking on what the Sage has written and observing how medical science has progressed in the last years due to openly sharing of knowledge and helping millions worldwide, by comparing the primitive progress of astrologers we realized something.

Although our knowledge of articles previous written, that is written before this transformation has not come out in the open but there is one great reward and that is as per what the Sage wrote. He said you all must try to understand Energy; which is always changing and no doubt it is very difficult to comprehend energy which functions in double dichotomy at times depending on which plane you are functioning with.

At one plane Energy sees that if you give 2 units of knowledge it gives you back 10 units in return. Now an example to inspire others to join in the movement of bringing out knowledge would be to tell you what you see of Bhrighu Easy Methodology series in Saptarishis Astrology which has stunned the astrological world.

This knowledge we did not have before we started this magazine and it is only when so much of giving away of knowledge happened that the marvelous techniques of Bhrighu Easy Methodology came to us and in return it was shared instantly with you without aggressive testing. No doubt there are shortcomings in any method when it is not aggressively tested, ones reputation can be damaged and also harm done but when you are dealing with your own brothers and sisters what is the concern of formality within ones family, what damage to name can happen among family. Lastly let us highlight the result of not sharing knowledge and with folded hands one begs every astrologer in the world to share his knowledge easily without drama or attention seeking methods.

O nce upon a time, long long ago there was a man who gained a lot of knowledge in astrology over many lifetimes.

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He had gone so deep that it was unimaginable but in every lifetime he hoarded that knowledge to create around him aura of respect and longing from others. He loved when students would beg for him to share his knowledge; he loved when big famous people came to him for consultation on his knowledge. The result was that there were too many people over lifetimes who became jealous and hated him for his huge ego of knowledge as the weight of knowledge on his head had not made him to bow down and be humble. He would demand huge money and attention for even the smallest amount of his knowledge to be given to others.

As he misused his power to create fights among fellow astrologers and do politics in the field of knowledge, may he face the same in multiplied quantities? May he go around the world literally begging everyone to part with their knowledge? This curse can happen to each of you as most of us are the astrologers from previous lifetimes, so maybe in some lifetime in the future lets say you are born and roam around the streets of an.

As you did not encourage other astrologers to share their knowledge or say you did not encourage other astrologers on their works, so in this lifetime you will not be encouraged and not helped by many. Continued in Part 2 of the Publitorial. The reason for touching this aspect is many of us get impressed with some modern writers and spend years without digging deeper into classics, thinking our so called heroes are the greatest or only mantras can give great predictions.

O nce upon a time there was an astrologer by the name of K C Saxena who modern students do not know much except that they have seen one or two books in his name in the local astro book shop. K C Saxena was considered one of the foremost authorities on Bhrighu Astrology and rumor was it he learnt it from one of his office colleagues, later went to Nepal and some locations in India to collect more knowledge on this oldest branch of Indian Astrology of Sage Bhrighu.

Have you read these stories?

Once upon a time Mr Saxena was travelling to Mumbai from Delhi and on his next seat in the plane there was a man who did not believe in astrology and for 30 minutes he bothered Mr Saxena deriding astrology. When finally Mr Saxena said he is an astrologer himself the man shamelessly took out his horoscope from his bag and asked Mr Saxena to see it citing that he by chance had his horoscope in his bag as his wife wanted him to meet some astrologer in Delhi. The man started shouting to Mr Saxena as to how childish is astrology blah blah blah. The man realized that how did this astrologer predict that, he did not even ask if she has interest in music, 1 straight away said at this moment she is learning Tabla and not another instrument.

It is easy to guess what happened. On our way to the Himalayas we, P.

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Sharma a friend of ours and a very dear friend of Mentor. We like asking people about their Gurus and fondly listen as they pour out their love for their Gurus something that is missing with the modern students of astrology. We asked Sharma ji about his Guru K.

So we narrated this story to J N Sharma, asking him fondly about his memories of his Guru and the generation of his Guru. After a long chat something emerged when we mentioned to him about the efforts the team of Saptarishis Astrology is taking to bring Ravana Samhita out. He said at the house of his Guru Shri K. Dutta, there used to come an old and very pious Pandit priest whose name nobody 2 bothered to ask since all called him Panditji. He said Panditji would often come and it was said that he was a Master of Ravana Samhita having committed the whole of it to memory. Now our ears were widened since we knew that even today many old village astrologers swear only by the text Ravana 3 Samhita.

The great astrologer that Shri Dutta was had even greater respect towards this Panditji for his extensive knowledge in astrology. Now J N Sharma continued that one day while Panditji came Shri Dutta was about to leave for a restaurant with one of his friends for his afternoon meals.

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After that when you reach the restaurant there you would have to wait in queue as there would be lot of rush in the restaurant and infact you would think of leaving but just at that moment a man will get up from one of the tables and ask you to sit in his place and that man would be blind by one eye. After few minutes of walking two snake charmers came on the road and asked Mr Dutta for money, Mr Dutta looked behind and the Panditji smiled knowing his prediction was coming true. Mr Dutta gave few coins but the snake charmers refused to let go and begged for one rupee. In the olden days one rupee was a big amount and so reluctantly Mr Dutta dished out one rupee whilst looking back and the Panditji had a huge naughty grin on his face as his prediction was coming true.

Then when Mr Dutta reached the restaurant he saw to his dismay but true to the prediction of the Pandit that the restaurant was packed, whilst they were about to leave, a man got up from one of the tables and offered Mr Dutta his seat to take meals. Mr Dutta just then noticed that the man was blind from one eye.

Mr Dutta who had previously seen so many great predictions of the Panditji come true was once again shocked for such a novel prediction to come true. We can go on and on regarding some of the other great predictions of this Ravana Samhita Pandit and Mr Saxena but would reserve it for some other issue. Now that Pandit is no more, but his son Kamakhya Prasad Pathak is using this book in his Astrological practice.

The one in our possession is not in manuscript form and we ourselves doubt if it is full or totally original version but so far from the commentary that we have published in previous issues you can make out that inspite of its non-original manuscript form, the rules mentioned on nakshatras in Ravana Samhita is most stunning and over rules all nakshatra books so far published.