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Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have the role to dematerialise the fortified citadel by Saturn of the human ego and to act as agents for transformation.

Rudhyar also redefined the roles of the classical planets in astrology based on his vision of the cyclic behaviour of time. He identified Mars, Jupiter and Saturn to regulate the relation of the organism with other organisms within the same whole and Sun, Mercury and Venus referring to internal functions of the organism, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto refer to the influence from outside our solar system the galaxy.

Each of these planets contribute to transformation and transcendence of the ego. The basic challenge offered by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto is of an opposite away from Sun kind of gravitation exerted by the galactic centre. This requires a change of loyalties from the Sun ego to the galaxy unification of everything.

For this experience it is not necessary to travel in space, it is sufficient to be aware of galactic energies and to allow them to have influence. In the natal chart these transformational challenges can be analysed. Uranus refuses to accept the limitations imposed by Saturn and its main function is to keep the path to the galactic centre open.

Neptune represents the detachment from matter, demanded from everyone longing for a spiritual condition of existence. Pluto requires every living nature to put aside everything that is not part of the own essential nature. Pluto purifies, but mostly not in a gentle manner. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto actualise what was latent in our nature. Uranus can be related to vision and clairvoyance. It reveals the essence of the whole situation. Neptune brings true compassion and holiness, enlarges consciousness and enables to accept all there is simply for what it is.

Uranus is seen as the planet of individuality, Neptune, in the contrary, represents the collective factor and mass movements. Venus and Mars stress everyday individuality and Jupiter and Saturn stress collectivity, Rudhyar has the opinion the process of transformation can be explained by the cyclic interactions of Uranus and Neptune, the relation between inspired individuals and the community.

Pluto tends to finalise what Uranus begun, especially in the period when it comes closer to the Sun than Neptune. Uranus helps to enable new insights and in order to make the divine possible we need to break our strong bonds with the solar gravitation and open up our minds for the silence of the Divine. Neptune plays a paradoxical role, on one hand the role of decomposition, on the other hand of unifying to new wholeness. The first is inevitable for the second and allowing for transmutation in processes of higher order.

Neptune refers to great dreams, dreams necessary for mankind to realise freer and more glorious tomorrows. Reality only changes after individuals have envisioned this previously. Being freed by Uranus, man will be the agent of his Neptunian dream, he inevitably has to realise it.

Pluto contributes to by purification. According to Rudhyar this is the way to plenitude and the omega-state. This awaking is triggered by a life in consciousness trying to understand the meaning of everything happening in the route to fulfilment. For Rudhyar self actualisation is the ultimate goal of any individual.

For examples of the amazing synchronistic messages inherent in the Sabian Symbols, here are widely differing portraits of two men born the same year. Between the two, they have impacted the consciousness of much of the world. His flame of leadership and wisdom has shone steadfastly throughout a life of momentous challenges. Even today, as we enter into a New Age of equality and enlightenment, the Dalai Lama leads with the wisdom of ancient teachings.

He is truly a light bearer and guide for the world; a spiritual liberator. The venerable Dalai Lama has been in arduous training since he was taken from his parents as a youth to be schooled by lamas. And, that was just the early years. The Chinese government added death and destruction to his role as spiritual leader of the Tibetan people.

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Shaped by heat and pressure, diamonds are one of the most highly prized substances on earth and valued for their hardness, clarity, and quality of reflecting light. In palmistry, the thumb signifies will and strength of character. This outstretched hand also symbolizes sharing knowledge. As a world educator, and one who has overcome unimaginable difficulties, the Dalai Lama is a brilliant example of both his Sun and Ascendant oracle messages.

Roche picks up on Jones, and adds, modesty, shyness and inhibition. Try to overcome that, she says. I read something else. I read, surreptitiously as the key word in the symbol. It's not that the girl is naked, and it's not that she's wet.

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If she wants a bath, she can draw the curtains, close the door, and hop in the tub. She can keep her shyness, her modesty, her privacy, all to herself.

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Surreptitiously implies an element of risk. What is she risking? Not her life. Since there is no risk without an expected gain, what does she hope to gain? Well, being naked is not going to save anyone's life. She's not risking her life, she's not going to save anyone's life.

It's more subtle than that.

Sabian Symbols and commentaries

She is not in need of cleansing, nudity is not forced on her. She is out of doors - by definition - in a place where she reasonably believes she probably won't be disturbed. As she thinks about bathing, and as she removes her clothes, and as she bathes in the lake or stream, she wonders, what if someone saw her there? What if someone was spying on her? The thought gives her a thrill, nothing more.

While she may be secretly hoping for the Handsome Stranger to ride to her rescue, if any person actually stepped forward, her reverie would be rudely interrupted, she would be shocked, she would flee. And there's another, unstated part: She might not be alone. She might have come with a trusted friend, to stand guard. I once had a girlfriend, who had a girlfriend, who one day decided to go to the beach without me. While there, my girlfriend decided to go topless. The beach was deserted, and her friend kept her top on.


My girlfriend was surreptitious in the full sense of the word. Afterword she boasted of her bravery, even though no one, save her friend, had seen her. Taking her top off gave her courage to try other things she had not before considered herself brave enough to attempt.

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Capricorn 17 is therefore, Mustering up the courage to try something new. The woman in question is therefore advised to take Goethe's maxim: Be Bold! Boldness has its own reward. Advice the timid, lovelorn Venus in Capricorn could well use, I think. Since there is a resonable expectation of privacy, the moral stigma would apply to the peeping Tom, not to her. This one is an embarrassment. Given that the year is , the place is San Diego, the psychic in question has no abstract mind i.

But as luck would have it, over in New Hampshire there was a rock formation known, more or less officially, as the Old Man of the Mountain, sometimes referred to as the Great Stone Face. Jones decided that Pisces 30 was that specific rock.