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Therefore, an eclipse can fall in the same degree of the Zodiac as one that precedes it or follows it by 19 years. There was indeed a solar eclipse at Regulus on August 21st, Its shadow was not seen in the United States, but sure seems to have been felt in the White House. Because he had previously denied such engagement, the House of Representatives initiated an impeachment trial on the grounds of perjury. Two articles of impeachment were approved in December including obstruction of justice, but the Senate acquitted Clinton on February 12th, , four days before the next total solar eclipse, which opposed his Natal Sun.

Certainly the impeachment theme is currently echoing through the halls of the West Wing.

Eclipses – 2000-2024

If so, perhaps this eclipse has a greater chance of seeing such a trial through because it will physically shadow the States, while the eclipse did not. The February Pisces Solar eclipse 8 degrees Pisces on February 26, was also the third of a Metonic String, which began with the last total solar eclipse to shadow the continental United States on February 26th, The year Metonic cycle can only produce a string of four or five eclipses because the Lunar Nodes circle the Zodiac in The year Saros Cycle, on the other hand, has serious longevity.

The average Saros Family is composed of 71 eclipses and lasts for about 1, years. Kneel Diamond is the 22nd of 77 eclipses belonging to Solar Saros Series The first eclipse of the series aligned on January 4th, and the last will align over 1, years later on April 5th, Unlike those of a Metonic String, Saros Eclipses are not fixed to the same zone of the Zodiac because the Lunation period of a Saros is not 18 years exactly, but rather about 18 years, 11 days, and 8 hours. The eleven-day component of this period advances each subsequent eclipse of the series about eleven Zodiacal degrees.

Because Earth spins in 24 hours, the eight-hour component of a Saros period carries each eclipse about one third of the globe Westward from its predecessor so three eclipses a Tri-Saros are required to return the series to similar longitudes.

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Solar Saros Series last shadowed the North American continent in , a year that will forever be remembered for the death of a king. It could be argued that too much time had expired for the July 20th solar eclipse to be related to the November 22nd assassination of President John F.

2020 Astrology: The Biggest Events of the Year

Kennedy , but some astrologers suggest the effects of a solar eclipse have a shelf life of six months, a year, or even longer. This eclipse does not belong to Solar Saros Series , but rather to Series The two could be considered travel companions as they have appeared in the same calendar years since , the year that Series first reached totality and Series first reached annularity Moon will remain too far from Earth to occult the entire Sun disc during eclipses of this series. That eclipse also aligned less than a third of a degree from the Aquarius Moon of John F.

Kennedy Junior who died in a mysterious plane crash five months later on July 16th, less than a month before the August 11th return of Solar Saros Series Many believe JFK, Jr.